016 Jeffrey Shaw: Effort and Surrender

In this episode, Luci and Jeffrey discuss:

  • Jeffrey’s favorite affirmation
  • First book idea was going to be about how to change the business mentality
  • Using this method of “What’s going right journal” to acknowledge cognitive bias and write down what is going right in life

Key Takeaways:

  • What we think we need is acknowledged need and what we truly need is deeper need.
  • By writing down what is going right in life, you will be able to see more positive things in life
  • Finding the balance between effort and surrender and letting go and trusting the process

“How do we live our lives with effort and surrender” — Jeffrey Shaw

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015 Jeffrey Shaw Part 1: Attracting your ideal clients using their LINGO

Jeffrey is host of Creative Warriors podcast, a TEDx speaker, brand consultant, keynote speaker and author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible. Also Jeffrey has been one of the most sought-after, luxury portrait photographers in the U.S. for over 30 years.

This episode has been split into two because there was so much richness and the recording lasted over an hour. In this part, we talk about how he built his photography business from struggling to wealthy. His message about letting our creative side have room to run, ie “chasing squirrels” so that our true selves can be expressed is also covered. Stay tuned for part two next Tues.

In this episode, Luci and Jeffrey discuss:

  • How he reformed his entire portrait photography to fit the right demographic
  • Understanding his client’s lingo and world view to better cater them
  • In business, it is not about proving your value but finding people who value what you do
  • How “Chasing Squirrels” helps us discover more creative solutions

Key Takeaways:

Find the people that value your work and match your values. For Jeffrey it was people who were family centric

Judgments and assumptions never serve

” No matter where you are today, you can create any business you want and serve the people that you are meant to serve that value what you do if you take the time to learn their Lingo” — Jeffrey Shaw

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014 Abbey Chamberlain: Gold in your contact list!

Don’t ignore people that already know and love you!

This week’s guest is one of my dearest friends,Abbey Chamberlain. She has been a highly profitable full time photographer for 40 years, is a teacher on creativity and business success. Semi retirement gives her the luxury of growing as a fine art photographer where work for sale in several galleries

Our conversation goes deep into how Abbey “loved”, ie…stays in touch with, her best clients in ways that kept them coming back year after year, refer her consistently, and investing thousands in wall art every time.

In this episode, Luci and Abbey discuss:

  • Importance of keeping a robust contact list and continuing the relationship with clients
  • What clients received when they purchased $12K with Abbey’s wedding photography
  • How Abbey kept in close contact with her clients

Key Takeaways:

  • So many professional photographers undervalue their talents in photography
  • It is crucial that business owners collect all the information possible from clients so there is always an event to offer their services to
  • Having a more friendly relationship to clients versus a purely business relationship

“Photography seemed just a natural extension of who I am and it was something I did and love and I still love.” — Abbey Chamberlain

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013 Dirk Witt: Partnership with your Photo Lab and how it leads to more success

Dirk Witt is the lab rep for Midsouth Color Lab, a professional photographic service that caters to the photographer that requires excellence both in the printing and service. A photographer himself since 1992, he joined Midsouth in 2008 and has become a good friend and part of Luci’s success team.

Having a great relationship/ with a lab/becoming part of their “family” is an essential element in growing and maintaining a highly profitable business and this episode covers lots of basics as to why and how to get the best from them

In this episode, Luci and Dirk discuss:

  • The benefits of having a relationship with a photo lab
  • How to work with a great lab and grow your business
  • Color and composition when printing photos and how to adjust it to one’s own desire

Key Takeaways:

  • Wall portraits are the most profitable items
  • Stick to what is known to be most trustworthy in times where technology is changing and transitioning
  • Get familiar with a single lab that you know will provide you the best quality service, being partners and help each other to achieve the desired goal

“Partners, we like to be partners. We want to help each other and help them lift their photography to the best it can be” — Dirk Witt

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Email: info@midsouthcolor.com

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011 Marketing Luxury Photography and the 7 Dollar Donut

In this episode, Luci discusses:

  • How to sell a luxury product
  • Branding, marketing, and positioning a product
  • Why she happily purchased a seven dollar donut

Key Takeaways:

  • There will always be buyers who want to pay for the entire experience and service so make it an occasion when they purchase the product
  • Create an entirely new experience with packaging, service, style, and innovative customizations that attract customers
  • The seven dollar donut was successful because the company was able to create a niche
  • Branding in a niche and how it works.

“Discover who your ideal client is and market to them.” — Luci Dumas

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010 Andrew Hellmich: Master Photographer, Podcaster, and Salesman

Andrew Hellmich has been a successful wedding and portrait photographer for over 20 years. He also has an amazing and popular podcast called Photobizx. Luci has been on his show a few times and he asks surprising questions that get his guests to share motivating and practical tips to help you grow your own business.

Today he and Luci discuss how to find and qualify new clients through Facebook advertising, how to find your perfect client, and how to not waste time or giveaway your services to people who won’t become clients.

In this episode, Luci and Andrew discuss:  

  • Learning from what other successful photographers have done, not just in their shooting style, but also their business acumen 
  • You have to create an experience for your clients, it’s not just about your photos 
  • Find your perfect client and offer them something of value to start to create a relationship 
  • Be transparent and don’t be afraid to scare people off, you don’t want every client 
  • If you hope to make a living with photography, you have to focus on the business, not just the art 
  • If you are offering a giveaway, make sure you are pre-qualifying them before offering your services 
  • With a Facebook ad- The headline and the photo are both equally important, they both need to stop your potential client from scrolling past 
  • Facebook Pixels are an amazing way to track and target potential clients 

“Success in business as a photographer is more about the business of marketing  than the photography, or being the photographer that stands out among the crowd in regards to having their own style.” —  Andrew Hellmich 

To get Andrew’s Facebook ad cheat sheet click the link here: photobizxcom/cheatsheet 

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009 Andrew Darlow: Protect Your Data & Streamline Your Processes

Managing and protecting your precious your files, using your time wisely when editing, and staying organized is an important part of being profitable as a photographer. If your photographs disappear or become corrupted, there is potential for huge financial losses. Andrew is an expert in this area and has taught thousands of photographers his system for staying safe and streamline at the same time.

In this episode, Luci and Andrew discuss:

  • Should photographers use a RAID storage system and what are some alternatives?
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Units (Battery Backups).  Why you might want to install one or more in your home or studio, and when you don’t really need them.
  • What to do to protect your computers and data drives during electrical storms.
  • Docks and hubs, and an important thing to consider when using them.
  • Why Apple’s Time Machine can be a lifesaver for your data. Windows has a similar option that comes with Windows 10 and some earlier Windows OS versions called File History, and a popular 3rd party application called “Genie Timeline” can also be used.
  • A simple system for “syncing” your data from one location to another. Andrew recommends Get Backup Pro (belightsoft.com/products/getbackup).
  • Online backup systems and specific things to consider when choosing one. Andrew recommends BackBlaze.com and Crashplan.com.
  • How to manage your smartphone photos and videos.
  • Tips for optimizing your computer’s performance and reducing the chances of losing data.
  • What to do if your external drive does not mount.
  • Media card management: Should you delete photos on your camera?
  • A simple backup strategy to help avoid losing the photos and videos on your media cards.
  • A printing tip to speed up your output without sacrificing quality.

“Success in my mind is being able to do what you would like to do, with whom you would like to do it, when you’d like to do it, and also be a good citizen while you do it.” — Andrew Darlow

Connect with Andrew Darlow:

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008 Jennie Edwards: The Circle of Friends

Networking can be fun and profitable with vendors in your niche

Jennie Edwards is a photographer and videographer who helps entrepreneurs create and share their message online to make a bigger impact in the world. She teaches how to show up confidently and vulnerably, in alignment with their branding and values.

Over the last 12 years, Jennie has run a successful business of empowering her clients to grow their audience, connect authentically, and gain greater clarity of their goals and vision through their video and photographs. She is offering a guided audio recording Design Your Optimal Day to get clarity on and manefest your goals and dreams at http://www.yourdynamicstory.com/optimalday.

In this episode, Luci and Jennie discuss:

  • A networking strategy to create endless referrals for your photography business.
  • Building relationships through self-talk and expanding your comfort zone.
  • How selflessly serving others leads to joy and opportunities.
  • At bridal shows, an open booth that allows potential clients to come into your domain is a subtle way of becoming a trusted advisor.
  • There’s a kind of force that’s grateful when you give to others that open channels for prosperity, profitability, and abundance.
  • The abundance of love that you share with your family and friends, the contribution that you give back to your community, in turn, helps to create more change in the world like positivity and joy.

“Circle of Friends is a group of all different types of our favorite wedding vendors who gather monthly to share ideas, have a mastermind session and get to know one another on a deeper level so we can collaborate and ultimately work together more often .” – Jennie Edwards

Connect with Jennie Edwards:

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Website: http://www.yourdynamicstory.com/

Gift: http://www.yourdynamicstory.com/optimalday

Phone: (619) 316-8425

Pinterest: pinterest.com/guidedbyimg

Instagram: instagram.com/magnificentmoderngoddess

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007 Jennifer George: How Personal Projects and Competitions Grow your Business

Standing out in a very crowded field is something every photographer needs to do in order to become profitable. Jennifer George did this quickly by creating her own recognizable style, entering and winning local and national print competitions, speaking, and writing photography books. She also uses her passion and personal projects to inspire others and give back.

In this episode, Luci and Jennifer discuss:

  • How personal projects will build your portfolio and photography business.
  • Entering (and winning) competitions can be leveraged with high-end clients because people are attracted to award-winning professionals.
  • In an oversaturated photography market, you can set yourself apart by learning all you can from art classes, social media workshops, and marketing seminars.
  • Your work will be original and compelling when you find your true authentic self. Jennifer credits Luci as a significant influence on her style from the start.
  • How high-end photographers are not stagnant and the benefits of honing in on a clientele that is going to grow your business.

Jennifer George has gained a national reputation for her intimate, stylistic portraits. Since 1999, Her soulful images, use of natural lighting and multi-cultural awareness have afforded her the ability to follow her dream. The awards she has earned in just a few short years highlight Jennifer’s skill and passion for photography. Jennifer was recipient of California Photographer of the Year, People’s Choice Award twice, the Grand Premiere Award for Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International and many more.

In 2014, she began using her photography to tell the stories of abused woman and created the exhibit “Exposing Scars”. This powerful project was exhibited for two months at the Women’s Museum of California and traveled to several venues including colleges.

She has written 3 “How To” books on photography, blogs on life lessons, and inspires others with her journey through life’s challenges and blessings.

Connect with Jennifer George:

Twitter: twitter.com/jengeorgephoto

Facebook: facebook.com/jenjenG

Non-Profit Website: http://www.artinspiringchange.org

Website: http://www.jennifergeorge.net

Book: The Art of Pregnancy Photography, Photographing the Child, The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Natural-Light Family Portraits

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jennifer-george-9431245

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006 Luci Dumas: 12 Tips to Become a Master Salesperson

While building her photography business, Luci sold skin care and makeup through at home parties to supplement her income. The lessons she learned contributed greatly to the 37 years as a successful photography with $3000 to $10,000 orders and much more. In this episode, she covers the dozen things she learned from selling a luxury item to women.

In this episode, Luci will discuss:

  • The correlations between selling make-up to women in their home and growing a luxury photography business.
  • The importance of passion, enthusiasm and descriptive language while selling products to clients.
  • Learn how to grow your photography business by using these twelve practical tips.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to believe in what you are selling and doing your best to communicate that.
  • Dress professionally; you want your client’s first impression of you that you are running a business, not a hobby.
  • To grow your business, you need to engage with clients by following up on leads, placing a reminder call, and expressing gratitude.

“My job is to find the clients want what I am offering and can afford it, but I will never know if I prejudge them.” – Luci Dumas

Connect with Luci Dumas:

Twitter: @lucidumas
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