Do you work really hard getting leads only to have the client either not book you or invest very little?  

Or do you think the problem is just that you are not finding the right people?  


My 6 Month group is starting in September and I would love for you to join me. This program is A Step-by-Step In Person Sales method that turns your qualified leads into large orders of Wall Portraits and Albums.  

In other words…it gets the cash register ringing! 

(Okay…I know no one has cash registers any more but you get the idea)  

I have sold thousands and thousands of wall portraits and album over the last 37 years with most people walking away with 3 to 8 wall portraits and an album each and every time. And they usually give me a great big hug and, of course, a bunch of money.  

One of my coaching clients just posted a success story about how she just received a $4000 DEPOSIT on a session, and the client plans on adding even more to her order. This is after just 2 months of coaching ! By using my high dollar, happy client sales system she earned more in one consultation than she has in 5 sessions before working with me.  

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Are you thinking “Luci Dumas…tell me more”?  

So here is the deal… There are 12 live coaching calls over six months.We cover one of the following topics in depth each month. There will be both in depth teachings on the topic of the month listed below, with lots of time for practice, and one on one coaching.  



Why becoming The Trusted Advisor puts you in the driver’s seat to help them select lots and lots of portraits they will love, plus pricing and product strategies that make it easy to sell  



A phone script that gives you tons of confidence, and makes them want you, and only you, to photograph the people or animals they love for whatever amount you charge



What to do and say during an in person meeting, where you plan a perfect session and plant seeds for those wall portrait and album orders



Tips on how to photograph with the end in mind, and keep nurturing the idea of decorating their home with the beautiful images you create for them.  



How to structure the presentation in such a way that they can’t help but purchase lots of your beautiful portraits and books for their homes.  



What to say, and not say. How to respond to questions and objections that can stop a great sale in its tracks.

What else is included?  


My private Insight Training VIP Facebook group where you can make friends and get support from others who are in my programs, get direct help from me, and share your big wins.  

Want to know about the Investment?  

 Regular price is $1800 Full Pay or $325 per month for 6 months  

Special price through Sept 10th is a one time charge of $1397 or just 6 payments of $247 

  BONUS…pay in full and received a private coaching call Where we will discover your big dreams, create a business plan, set up your pricing for profit, and determine your ideal clients. $450 value and my gift to you. Woo Hoo!!!  

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I’m not quite sure where to begin to describe how wonderful and valuable Luci is. My business was established but I was lacking the skills to bring it to the next level. Luci gave me the push to move forward but she also taught me how to communicate with clients, set my goals, reach my target market, and run a financially successful photography business. She has changed my career and life forever. My family and I are so grateful! Meredith Dickins Ashland KY 

Public declarations of love and admiration aren't really my thing. BUT, I need y'all to understand what Luci Dumas does is MAGIC.  

I'm in the "thick of it". I'm a few months into one on one coaching. I've had a few breakdowns, fought some change, a little overwhelmed But today, a client came in and INVESTED in me. It all came together. And everything I've been reaching for was there. She left purchasing more than I used to make from 5 clients... and we haven't even had her ordering session. Luci knows what she's talking about, and when you listen to her amazing things happen. If you've been fighting with yourself about whether or not to invest in her coaching, let me tell you... DO IT. IT'S SO WORTH IT. Lacey Sawyer Fincher Norfolk VA

When I hired Luci in 2016 I reported a loss every year. She created the foundation for the business that I have today. Everything almost, that I do I learned from her in one way or another. In 2018 I will reported at $240,000 gross income. Using the marketing strategies that she taught me, and her sales technique took me from a $350 average to average sales in the thousands. Hiring Luci was the best business decision that I made. And she paid for herself many times over. Erin Bonilla… Suffolk, VA 

Doesn't this sound like it will grow your confidence, income, and your business rapidly?  

 You will learn to pre-qualify every warm lead and turn them into a hot sale… and have them absolutely thrilled with the results of your artistry and effort  

and feel confident each step of the way reduce your stress, which makes you a magnet for those high paying clients that pay you what you are worth!  

Sign up today or schedule a quick call to learn if this or another Insight Training program is right for you.  

........BIG HUG! LUCI